#Sprout roundup: Montreal, the plant wonderland

It’s been an exciting week for plant lovers in Montreal. The biggest rooftop greenhouse in-the-world just opened up in Montreal, and a local grower managed to grow bananas. Check out all new plant stories below.

#1 World’s biggest Rooftop greenhouse

Visuals from the CTV Communications story look spectacular to say the least. Check the full story below yourself.

#2 Montreal woman grew bananas at her backyard

Tropics are coming to Quebec. Believe it or not, this adorable grower from Montreal actually grew bananas in her backyard. Could this be a delicious side effect of global warming up or just an anomaly? We leave that for you to decide! No one is complaining as long as they get their fill of banana cake. Check the video below from the GlobalNews story by Phil Carpenter.

#3 Town of Montreal gets a new rooftop education center

It’s education with a view in the Town of Montreal region. This new project was recently completed by Northstone Landscaping with beautiful shrubs and and trees sourced from our sponsors GoMaterials. Have a look at the pictures below!

Credit: Northstone

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Stay green!🌱🌱