Takeaways from the 2020 Outside Collab

With the environment crisis brewing, any discussion about sustainable landscaping is to be welcomed. It’s especially important when it brings together cross-sectional view from the landscaping industry. This is why Outside2020 was a revelatory experience with rich diversity in the speakers, and panel discussions…

The plant connection behind Frank Herbert’s Dune, and how a 1957 landscaping experiment by the US Agricultural department inspired it.

Dune trailer just dropped this week, and the buzz is electric. What’s easy to miss in the dazzle of star cast, the gorgeous cinematography, and the stellar background score by Pink Floyd, is the underlying story of ecology. One could even claim that the…

Wouldn’t the world be nicer with greener canopies and vibrant urban forests? Florida certainly seems to agree. This week we talk about the trend of community-based approach to re-greening, and vegetable gardens.

#1 First, a bit about Community Greening, and their mission

Community Greening is a nonprofit started by Mark Cassini & Matt Shipley in 2016 with a mission to plant more native canopy trees across Florida. With South Florida losing more trees, Mark & Matt decided to do something about it. They have partnered with different cities such as Delray, Boynton…

As per The Economist, nearly 30% of America’s yearly construction spending is used to account for “inefficiencies, mistakes and delays.” What’s far more interesting is that the industry spends as little as 1% on research and innovation, as per McKinsey. This can change, fast.

Trends such as automation (Robot lawnmowers anyone?), and data augmentation (Drones, what else!) could reshape the industry soon.

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